The Second Edition is now available!

ADVANCED COMPOSITE TECHNOLOGY is constantly changing and embracing new developments daily, yet most of the basics needed to successfully design, fabricate and repair composite structures remain the same. Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Repair works as the perfect introductory textbook for beginners yet is also functional for the composite professional. It teaches the concepts and methods in a simple and straightforward way for a wide array of composite fundamentals, including fiber and matrix selection, molding methods, curing and achieving desired properties, tooling, testing and non-destructive inspection, step-by-step repair instructions and troubleshooting, key environmental, health and safety issues, and much more.

New for this Second Edition are an introduction to nanomaterials in composites, and improved molding methods, adhesive bonding, joining and fastening coverage. Also updated with the advances in matrix technology and fiber reinforcements, as well as tooling, automated fiber/tape placement, filament winding, and various testing and inspection method improvements.



Abaris premier textbook “Essentials of Advanced Composite Fabrication & Damage Repair” published by ASA.

The Second Edition is now available!

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