Abaris Windblade Repair Training

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Did you know that Abaris provides repair training to the wind energy industry? We work with OEM’s, wind farm maintenance teams, and wind service providers to train their technicians in aerospace quality composite repairs for windblades, nacelles, and other composite structures or components associated with the industry. We are currently in the process of obtaining certification from the Global Wind Organization (GWO)!

Abaris has two courses, the R-5 Windblade Repair course and the R-15 Advanced Windblade Repair course which are designed to provide engineers and technicians with the skills necessary to perform composite field repairs.  The courses are as follows:

R-5 Windblade Repair Course


This class is devoted to hands-on repair practices with the appropriate balance of classroom time dedicated to learning about materials and processing relative to both the structure and the repair. This course promotes and utilizes multi-person team repair concepts like those done both in the factory and in the field. Students will be grouped in teams of two to work together on these projects. In this course the students will first be challenged with determining the extent of damage to Fiber Reinforced Plastic (FRP) sandwich panels and then will perform damage removal and proper repair preparation. Finally, the student teams will perform repairs to reconstruct the damaged areas to match the fiber axial loads through the damaged area in the structure. This fundamental repair approach will be repeated with another panel to promote additional hands-on practice with the appropriate tools and equipment used in both factory and field repairs. During this repair, the student teams will be introduced to the latest hot-bond repair equipment specifically designed for the windblade repair industry. This equipment will then be used to perform hot-bond repairs on the structure, with the students learning how to position, secure, and control large area heat blankets in accordance with standard industry procedures.

Key Lecture Topics:

  • Overview of common composite materials and processes.
  • Fundamentals of solid laminate and sandwich panel construction methods
  • Fundamentals of vacuum bagging: materials and processes. The use of bleeder, breather schedules, debulking concepts, leak checking, etc.
  • Damage detection methods used to assess the damaged structure.
  • Overview of damage removal and repair methods and techniques.
  • Classroom introduction to specific workshop exercises, introducing the repair approach that will be utilized.

Workshop Exercises:

  • Each team will perform visual inspection and tap testing on a FRP sandwich panel to outline the damaged area.
  • Each team will perform damage removal and preparation of the exposed surface of a FRP sandwich panel for repairs. This will be repeated on another section of the panel for additional practice.
  • Each team will then perform structural repairs to the panels using fiberglass dry cloth and liquid epoxy resin for both ambient temperature cure repairs and hot bond repairs.

R-15 Advanced Windblade Repair Course

Prerequisite: R-5 Composite Windblade Repair


This 5-day advanced level repair course is a follow-on to our R-5 Composite Wind Blade Repair course. This is for the repair designers, technicians, mechanics, supervisors, and quality assurance personnel directly involved in providing high performance repairs to advanced composite structures. This course will cover more detailed repairs, such as repairs to spars, along with tooling and different repair processes.


This class is devoted to hands-on repair skills. Less time is spent in the classroom and more time is spent in the workshop, allowing the student time to practice different repair scenarios. Students will be given a variety of damaged parts and structures to perform repairs throughout the week. Practice in evaluating the material type and ply orientation of an unknown structure, repairs to spars, fabricating tooling to regain part shape and utilizing other repair processes. In addition, each student-team will be assessing damage to real Wind Blade structures, determining a repair approach, and undertaking the repairs. Over the five-day period, several different parts will be repaired by each team of participants, utilizing different materials and the challenges that come with each new repair scenario. Repairs will be cured using both room temp and elevated temperature cure cycles with different types of hot bonders and hot bonding techniques. Attention will be given to Thermocouple placement and control of the hot bonders. The advantages of each will become familiar to the students as they will have the opportunity to work with several of them individually throughout the week.

Key Lecture Topics

  •         Review of composite materials and processes
  •         Materials used for tooling
  •         Repairs to spars / solid laminates
  •         Damage detection and assessment of the damage
  •         Resin infusion process
  •         Various ways to supply heat to the repair

 Workshop Exercises

  •         Each team of students will assess various damages and determine the best way to remove damage and repair part
  •         Each team will perform a repair on a spar
  •         Each team will manufacture a wet lay-up tool to reclaim the part surface
  •         Each team will perform a resin infused repair

These courses run several times a year in our Reno, NV facility and can be offered to entire groups, either onsite at a customer location, or hosted at our Reno location.  Contact us at training@abaris.com for more information or enroll in a class online.

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