Abaris Announces Retirement of Mr. Dave Castellar, Chief Instructor

March 3rd, 2022 by

Abaris Training, Reno, NV announces the retirement of our Chief Instructor, Mr. Dave Castellar.  A well-regarded composite instructor and part of the Abaris family for the past 17 years, after a previous long stint doing the same at United Airlines in San Francisco, CA. Dave has now decided to retire early from Abaris and move to Florida with his wife Gina to soak up the warm weather and to be closer to their children, grandchildren, and other family members located on the east coast.

Dave and Gina plan to travel from Reno, NV, across the U.S. in their travel trailer and see the country, tour historical sites, and visit family along the way.  When asked which route they planned to follow, Dave replied “We have no specific route planned, we will see where the mood takes us.”  Once in Florida, Dave plans to pursue periodic work, delve into his leather working hobby, and relax in the sunshine.

In a recent interview with Dave, he said “I wish to send a big thank you to all the students, companies, and organizations I have worked with throughout the years.”  The team at Abaris also wants to thank Dave for his exemplary service throughout the years, his assistance in growing the company, and for providing his students with the best repair training found anywhere in the world.  We are sad to see Dave go but wish him and Gina the best for a bright future and good times with their grandchildren!