Did you know that Abaris has a mold fabrication course?

February 25th, 2022 by

Abaris offers a Mold Fabrication for Production and Repairs course for those that want hands-on experience building carbon prepreg molds and fixtures. The 5-day course runs 3-times per calendar year and is designed for the tooling engineer, tool designer, tool fabricator, or anyone else that has a desire to learn about designing and building molds and fixtures using advanced composite materials.

In this course the students learn about tool design techniques that contribute to both dimensional stability and tool longevity. After discussing basic concepts in the classroom, the students are encouraged to apply these lessons in the workshop to see for themselves how simple ideas can greatly improve tool quality.

Molds and fixtures are fabricated in class from existing master models, patterns, or parts using the latest materials and techniques – using Toray/AmberTool® low-temp curing carbon prepreg materials for fabricating molds that can later be post-cured for use at elevated temperatures. Room temperature curing wet resins and dry fabrics are used for making intermediate transfer patterns and trim and drill type fixtures.

The course prerequisite is the M-1/R-1 Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication and Damage Repair – Phase 1 course, or equivalent (5-year min.) experience with advanced composite materials and processes.

Follow the embedded link above for a full course description or contact us today at admin@abaris.com to enroll in the next class.