Abaris Adds Advanced Composite Auto Repair Course to 2022 Schedule

November 17th, 2021 by

Abaris Training Resources, Inc. (Reno, Nevada) has announced the return of their (R-14) Advanced Composite Automotive Structural Repair course to the 2022 schedule. This class is devoted to hands-on repair practices with the appropriate balance of classroom time dedicated to learning about composite materials and processes, relative to both the original structure and the repair.

In this course, the student will first be challenged with learning the different types of materials (fibers, resins, core), and learning how to process them. Then the student will then be tasked to determine the extent of damage to various fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) sandwich and monolithic parts. After determining damage, the students will remove the damaged portion of the structure, prepare a taper scarf and perform repairs to the damaged areas in a manner that regains the original fiber axial loads in the structure.

This fundamental repair approach will be repeated with different parts, to promote additional hands-on practice with the appropriate tools and equipment used in both factory and field repairs. During these repairs, the student teams will be introduced to the latest portable hot-bond repair equipment specifically designed for use in the automotive repair industry.

Two class dates have been scheduled, the first class will run the week of 11 April and the second the week of 3 November 2022.

For more information or to enroll in a class, please contact Abaris at admin@abaris.com, or by phone at 1 (775) 827-6568.