The First Annual Great Abaris Pumpkin Contest

October 27th, 2021 by

In early October, the Abaris admin team announced the first annual Great Abaris Pumpkin Contest.  The rules were:

  1. The main part of each entry must be a pumpkin.
  2.  Pumpkins may not be carved or hollowed out.
  3.  Objects, paper, and materials of any kind may be pinned or glued to pumpkins. Participants may also draw or paint on their entries or cut designs into their surfaces or dress them up. Again, do not carve or
    hollow out your pumpkin.
  4. Each entry must have a title.
  5. The Admin team reserves the right to compost any pumpkin that starts to rot during the contest period but will hang a picture of the pumpkin in its place.
  6. Be creative, but please keep the decorations tasteful, the committee reserves the right to eliminate a pumpkin from the contest if it is deemed inappropriate.
  7. Please have your Pumpkin decorated and on display in your department for judging.
  8. Regions are encouraged to participate! Please send us a photo of your pumpkin to display for voting.

Overall Judging criteria
• Originality
• Ingenious use of materials
• Best Use of theme
• Suitability of the title
• Quality of the work

Decorating tips
• Use acrylic paint if you wish to paint your pumpkin.
• To engrave designs into your pumpkin, use a knife for cutting leather. Do not puncture your pumpkin.
• Use a glue gun or straight pins to attach decorations to your pumpkin.


This year there were four awesome entries from the front office team that have been submitted for judging.  (See photos.) Everyone is invited to go to Abaris’ Facebook page, like us, find the posts about the pumpkins, and submit your vote prior to 31 October when the contest ends!  You can also submit your vote by email directed to, or by phone at +1 775-827-6568.