Abaris Offers IA Refresher Training

February 28th, 2020 by

Did you know that Abaris offers nine different courses that are FAA accepted for inspector authorization (IA) refresher training?  These courses are an excellent way for mechanics and inspectors to enhance their knowledge of composite airframe structures and at the same time, meet the requirements for IA renewal.

Abaris has led the world in advanced composite repair training for the aerospace industry, since 1983.  Abaris’ courses offer students a balance of theory and hands-on repair practice, designed to enhance subject knowledge and boost tactile skills.  Students that have these core competencies are in high demand within the aerospace industry.

Courses and class dates are listed below. Please click on the embedded links to access full descriptions of Abaris’ most popular composite repair courses offering IA renewal. You can enroll directly from the description page or by contacting admin@abaris.com.  Discounts are available for multiple students or classes.

Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase 1 (M-1/R-1)

5-Days, $2,495

Reno, NV; Mar 9-13, Apr 6-10, Apr 27-May 1, May 18-22, Jun 1-5, Jun 22-26, Jul 6-10, Jul 27-31, Aug 17-21 Sept 14-18, Sept 28-Oct 2, Oct 26-30, and Dec 7-11

Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair -Phase 2 (R-2)

5-Days, $2,495  Prerequisite: M-1/R-1

Reno, NV; Mar 16-20, Apr 13-17, May 4-8, Jun 8-12, Jul 13-17, Aug 3-7, Aug 24-28, Sept 21-25, Oct 5-9, Nov 2-6, and Dec 14-18

Composite Structures: Damage Repair – Phase 3 (R-3)

5-Days, $2,495  Prerequisite: R-2

Reno, NV; Mar 23-27, May 11-15, Jul 20-24, Aug 31-Sept 4, and Nov 9-13

 Repair of Bonded Aluminum Structures (R-4)

5-Days, $2,495

Reno, NV; Apr 27-May 1, Aug 10-14, and Nov 9-13

 General Aviation Composite Repair Course (R-13)

5-Days, $2,495

Reno, NV; Jul 6-20

Non-Destructive Inspection Techniques for Technicians & Inspectors (M-7/R-6)

5-Days, $2495

Reno, NV; Sept 14-18

Advanced Composite Manufacturing 2 (M-2)

5-Days, $2,495  Prerequisite: M-1/R-1

Reno, NV; Apr 13-17, Aug 24-28, Sept 21-25, and Dec 14-18

 Resin Infusion Technologies (M-5)

5-Days, $2,495  Prerequisite: M-1/R-1 or equiv. experience

Reno, NV; Mar 30-Apr 3, Jun 15-19, and Oct 19-23

 Mold Fabrication for Production & Repairs (M-6/R-8)

5-Days, $2,495  Prerequisite: M-1/R-1 or equiv. experience

Reno, NV; Mar 23-27, Jun 8-12, and Oct 12-16