Composite Tooling Courses & Workshops

October 16th, 2019 by

Abaris’ Mold Fabrication for Production & Repairs course is underway this week at our Reno, NV facility.  This class teaches the fundamentals of tool design and uses low-temp curing, high temp service AmberTool™ prepreg from Toray to build composite molds in an intensive 5-day hands on class.  The course runs three times a year in the spring, summer, and fall months and is a highly desired way to increase your composite tool making skills! Studen

Abaris also participates in various tooling workshops such as the SAMPE Tooling Workshop in Knoxville, TN scheduled for 22-23 October (next week) and the Toray Tooling Workshop scheduled for 13-14 November 2020 at the Toray Advanced Composites facility in Morgan Hill, CA. These two-day workshops supplement Abaris regular tooling course with an opportunity to engage with premier industry organizations and suppliers. (There are still seats available for the Toray Workshop if interested. Go to the link to see details.)

We also offer consultation on tool design and fabrication.  Contact us at for more information. In any case, Abaris is here to help you with your composite tooling ambitions.  Enroll today in our next class or workshop!