Abaris Completes First Automotive Composite Repair Class!

July 31st, 2014 by

The first ever automotive composite structural repair class was held over the week of July 21-25, 2014 at our Reno, NV facility. This 5-day course, titled (R-14)Advanced Composite Automotive Structural Repair-2 was specifically designed to meet the needs of the automotive composites repair industry and was attended by students that are interested in getting ahead of the curve in this emerging area of technology.

With the recent launch of the composite-intensive BMW i3 electric vehicle and plans for many other manufacturers to use carbon fiber reinforced polymeric (CFRP) structures in the design of fuel efficient vehicles, Abaris anticipates a need to facilitate repairs to these structures in a cost effective and simple fashion, paralleling the work in aerospace repair training that we have proudly provided throughout the world for over 31 years!

This new class is just the first step in our efforts to ready the industry for CFRP repairs! We are working with a number of organizations and OEM’s that see the need for technical training and possible certification in this field. To that end we intend to run another round of this course this year and add in another, more advanced course titled (R-15) Advanced Composite Automotive Structural Repair-3 in the spring of 2015!

With these new automotive course offerings, Abaris continues to lead the industry in advanced composite repair training! Be sure to continue to come back and visit our website often and look for our 2015 schedule coming soon! Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and join our LinkedIn group today to keep up on the latest news!